TWRP Recovery for Android 5.1.1 running T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge available in Alpha version

Galaxy S6 Edge and TWRP recovery have never been perfect friends since the launch of the former, but with Android 5.1, that has completely broken. Official TWRP form the team somehow didn’t work, with display issues ruing the whole flash, but soon developer Euphorous came to rescue and his version 2 of the recovery worked well.

After Samsung released the Android 5.1 update, TWRP stopped working again, but thanks to developer Aou, we now have a semi-working version of TWRP that boots TWRP, and lets you run a terminal command or two, and is also able to mount the partitions. That’s some progress, for sure, but right now, zips aren’t flashing as they should, so our hopes of acquiring root access via TWRP recovery got crashed right here. And the mess doesn’t stop here — your device will be soft-bricked if you install this alpha version of TWRP recovery, on your Android 5.1 updated T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge, on build no. G925TUVU2COF6, called OF6 in short.

If you are looking to install TWRP, make sure you have the Android 5.1 firmware (here) with you, as you will need to install the 5.1 firmware again to restart your Galaxy S6 properly.

Lastly, if you have decided to give the current version of TWRP recovery a run, download it from here and then use the installation guide here to install it. Once again, it will soft-brick your Galaxy S6, and has only some options working — so, do make cost-benefit analysis before giving it a spin.

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