Two-factor Authentication is coming soon to WhatsApp!

WhatsApp beta received an update today that upped its version to 2.16.212 (download here). While there are host of changes included in the latest beta, like common_sign_in files now becoming common_google_signin files (Google is specifically added now to filenames!), the most exciting thing we’ve spotted among the ton of new/changed stuff is some hints at two-factor Authentication.

There are four new files related to two-factor Authentication that are buried inside the APK of v2.16.212. Our first impression, looking at the filenames, is that WhatsApp is looking to add verification by email as an added security, besides the regular method wherein code is received as SMS.

We have this very version installed on our Marshmallow running Nexus 6P, and Zenfone 5 on KitKat, but couldn’t see anything resembling two-factor Authentication live on the app, for now.

Given the fact how much WhatsApp has grown, and its massive use for business purpose — even before it supported PDF files, which again only increased its use in business — it’s great to see WhatsApp realizing this and looking forward to bring two-factor authentication to the app.

Here’s a list of new files (found in res/layout directory) that hint at two-factor authentication at WhatsApp becoming a reality soon.

  • activity_two_factor_auth.xml
  • fragment_two_factor_auth_code.xml
  • fragment_two_factor_auth_email.xml
  • settings_two_factor_auth.xml


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