Twitter updates Android app, adds photo filters a la Instagram.

Not that this was unexpected, Twitter has just updated their Android app and the new update adds a welcome feature to the micro-blogging app.

Last month we had written about Twitter reportedly working on adding photo-editing features to its platform, including Instagram-like filter effects. At the time, Twitter had already updated its native Android app, adding a new pinch-to-zoom feature. Looks like Twitter just rolled the photo-filters out with the new update earlier today.

Twitter has moved fast with the filters addition after Instagram dropped support for the popular micro-blogging platform last week, and this move goes to show that Twitter is committed to give its users a feature-rich image sharing experience, even in the absence of Instagram support.

The benefit of using the inbuilt filters would mean that your photos will show up natively in your timeline, rather than as Instagram links earlier. There are a total of eight different filters to choose from. Twitter has also added a cropping feature for images, and pinch-to-zoom works too.


If you’ve been a hardcore Instagram user, you might find the Twitter filters lacking in a few features such as frames, or the awesome tilt-to-shift effect. But having said that, this is definitely a welcome addition to Twitter, and users would be quite happy. If you haven’t got the update yet, hit the link below to get the latest version of Twitter for Android.

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