Try These Material Designed Galaxy Note 3 TWRP Recovery Themes

No matter if you’re an Android user or an iPhone user, Google’s Material design has won hearts all over. A large number of apps on the Play Store now embrace material design, even websites across desktops are beginning to embrace the smooth transitions and UI capabilities of Material design. And amongst all these, our most loved custom recovery — TWRP — too has earned material designed themes for itself.

This is no new stuff though, developer z31s1g originally built these material designed themes long ago and his work is only growing more now with support for multiple screen sizes and devices. For the Galaxy Note 3 users, XDA member uzairabdulmajeed has put together a nice post explaining in detail as to how to get these beautiful material designed themes on the Galaxy Note 3. Check out his XDA thread at the link below:

[icon name=”external-link” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Galaxy Note 3 TWRP recovery Material Design themes collection


TWRP Material Themes Screenshots 1 TWRP Material Themes Screenshots 2 TWRP Material Themes Screenshots 3 TWRP Material Themes Screenshots 4

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