Tools: RenameAPK Tool to rename weirdly named APKs

Have you come across a situation when you have backed up a bunch of apk files before flashing that new ROM, and are tearing your hair out later, trying to figure out which app some of the apks stand for, just because of the weird nomenclature.. just wishing why it couldn’t be simpler??

If so, this tool is definitely for you!! It uses AAPT to check an APK file’s name and version, and renames your APK in a more understandable format.

You can download the package here. And here’s what’s included in the package:

  • the RenameAPK tool
  • A minified version (without documentation; probably runs faster)
  • ADB, AAPT, and other required dependencies… (keep them in the same folder)

To use ─ unzip the contents to your computer, then either run this tool through the command line, or drag/drop one(or multiple) .apk’s into the renameapk.bat. The apps will automatically be renamed and overwrite the originals!!

Here’s an example:
pp170.apk  would change to → PhotoShake Pro_1.7.0.apk

Its a great tool, enjoy it!!

BTW, I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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