These samples show Galaxy Note 8 dual camera’s powerful features

Even when other OEMs were busy churning out phones with dual cameras, Samsung preferred to fine-tune the features of its single camera phones. Result was obvious. Many dual camera phones failed to compete with Samsung’s smartphones with single cameras, a splendid example being the Galaxy S8 which has one of the highest benchmark scores.

In the meantime, it seems Samsung was trying to master the craft of dual-cam technology, which is ready with Galaxy Note 8 on the horizon. We all know that Samsung will enter the domain of dual cameras with the Galaxy Note 8. And now the prowess of the dual cameras has been revealed by a leak on Chinese microblogging site Weibo.

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A tipster has uploaded camera samples of Galaxy Note 8 which shows its capability. Also listed in the leak are the Galaxy Note 8 dual camera’s powerful features. The Galaxy Note 8 rear cameras are endowed with 3D depth sensing technology, a feature which Apple is also rumored to include in its upcoming iPhone 8.  This technology is exhibited by only a handful of mobile cameras including HTC Evo 3D, LG Optimus 3D Max.

The Galaxy Note 8 dual cameras are capable of shooting great night shots which produce brighter photos with high dynamic range. Another feature is smart focus.

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These camera samples of Galaxy Note 8 has got us all excited. We just can’t wait to have our hands on it, which should be soon as Samsung will be unveiling this flagship product on August 23.

Via: Weibo

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