The Best Battery Widget for Android ─ ‘Battery Widget? Reborn!’


Hasn’t there been times when you wanted to see that little bit extra info regarding the spent juice from your smartphone battery? Well what if you get that detailed analysis of your battery usage in a nice-looking widget right on your homescreen? ‘Battery Widget? Reborn!’ seems to be the precise remedy for that and quite a blessing for users alike. This widget shows the percentage of battery available in a cool-looking circular neon orb style, while the app also has toggles for wireless connectivity namely for WiFi, Bluetooth, Sync, etc.

‘Battery Widget? Reborn!’ has a really simple and neat interface which even displays the temperature below the current battery stats, and, yes it does also display the charging rate and the time left until its fully charged. It also has quite a few aces up its sleeve in terms of the usage stats on the second screen is where all the ‘technical’ data is shown. There is a really nice implication of a usage-history graph which analyses the charge and discharge history in a graph patern and comes in real handy for keeping track of one’s usage pattern as the app gradually gathers info.


Another nifty feature is the widget icon which can be displayed on the notification bar and there’s a third page in the app itself dedicated to customisations for that. The icon is displayed on the left side of the notification bar with a tiny circular neon ring while the pull down notification pane gives further info available within the app. Whats more! all this stuff is open for your own customisations and personal preferences can be set by the user too. All in all this is definitely among the best battery widgets available and an app dedicated to battery data can’t really get much better than this. But whats even better is the fact that its out on the Play Store available as a time limited beta! So, go — grab it now before the beta ends!

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