Tasker to get Material design update this week

The automation app, Tasker is set to receive a huge update this week after five months that will bump the version to 5.0 and introduce Material design for the app (FINALLY!). The update will be in the form of Beta so expect some bugs.

That said, the users of the Tasker app have been asking for material design since a long time now. The developer, Pent, has listened to the demands and will incorporate material design in the upcoming update. Surprisingly, you not only get one theme but there are seven themes based on the material design for the app. You can select your own theme for the Tasker app.

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And, if you are the kind who doesn’t like Material design themes, you can switch to the default Tasker theme in the settings.

Further, the update allows you to take screenshots and brings the ability to control alarms – set, show and cancel alarms. Plus, the launcher shortcuts now supports all icon types.

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Alongside the said additions, the update will bring new Tasker actions such as test internet, paired Bluetooth devices, test file existence among other new actions.

Here is a sneak peek of the update:

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