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How to find who tried to access your phone when you were away

If you want to know whether your friends have been trying to unlock your device while you were away, look no further.

Many times when you lock your phone, people fiddle with it and try to unlock your device to access your personal things. On top of the failed attempts at unlocking the device, they don’t even accept the fact that they were trying to unlock the device in the first place itself.

To catch such liars red-handed, there is an app known as Third eye that automatically takes a photo of the intruder when they try to access your device with a wrong pin after one failed attempt.

You can change the number of unlock attempts in the settings after which the photo will be taken, default and minimum being one attempt while maximum being 5 attempts.

Each time a wrong attempt is made to unlock the device, the app takes the photo and the same is available in the photo log of the app and even in the device gallery. However, if you want to exclude the intruder photos from appearing in the gallery, you can change that in the app settings.

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Not only that, when you successfully unlock your device, you will get the notification about the number of wrong attempts made on your device to unlock the device.

Moreover, the app shows you the last time, when the device was unlocked. This clears the doubt – if you had any, that no successful attempt was made by intruders to unlock your device. Also, the app provides you with a detailed unlock log that lists all the unlock timing details with usage time as well.

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