Talking Roby The Robot Android App: Play With a Funny Robot Who Got Hip-Hop Moves

Talking Roby The Robot Android App

Folks! Remember the Tom from Talking Tom Cat app — who you could poke, punch, pet or even talk to amuse you in the way only he did. It was so much fun to play with that cat, but time elapsed and we stopped playing with it (well, at least me). So, if you are kind of thinking to get a new app with more fun, then we have a news for you. The developer of Talking Tom Cat, Outfit7 Ltd.,  just released a new app in the market. And this time it’s “Talking Roby The Robot” — he speaks, he reacts and he’s got hip-hop moves to entertain you. He can also speak words you type on your key board in a robotic voice. So go ahead, shoot the download link and play with the robot. BTW, don’t forget that you can also make videos of him dancing or speaking or whatever funny stuff he does — share the videos on Youtube, Facebook or through e-mail. Have fun!

Important note from the developer – You might be asked to install the Text-to-Speech add-on if you don’t have it on your phone! Please do so and open it once before running Talking Roby for the first time. That’ll enable Roby to speak what you type in addition to what he hears.

Download the Talking Roby The Robot Android App for Free. Scan the QR Code below using a  bar code scanner app.

Scan to Download Talking Roby The Robot

Download Link

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