T-Mobile update adds IR94 Video Calling and RCS Messaging support to OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T T-Mobile March 2019 update

T-Mobile’s OnePlus 6T has been on a software update roll since its late 2018 launch, with up to five updates in just 132 days of existence.

The latest arrival carries software version A6013_34_190217 and brings some important additions to what is already a great piece of hardware.

Besides installing a new Android security patch for March 2019, the new update also introduces the OnePlus 6T to IR94 video calling and RCS messaging. It has also been noted that the camera version remains unchanged, just like it has been the case with previous system updates.

Of course, OnePlus 6T users on T-Mobile can also expect to receive plenty of bug fixes and performance optimizations as part of this OTA, which has just started rolling out today.

OTA updates usually take time and this case won’t be different. This means that some 6T users will get the download notification ahead of others, so don’t freak out if yours hasn’t arrived yet.


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