T-Mobile LG G6 price drops to $500, still available with free Google Home until May 7

The competition amongst the network carriers to up their sale of flagship smartphones has intensified. Just yesterday AT&T started a deal offering LG G6 at an unbelievable price of $360, of course with terms and conditions. Not wanting to let G6 sales slip from its hands, T-Mobile too has upped the game by offering the LG flagship phone at a price of $500 alongwith a free Google Home.

Up till now, the Magenta carrier was offering LG G6 at a price of $650 with a free Google Home until May 7th. But now, the price has been dropped from $650 to $500 starting today, that is May 3rd. And if you purchase the G6 at the discounted price before May 7th, you still stand the chance to avail a free Google Home as well.

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Notably, T-Mobile was the first carrier to start shipping LG G6 to pre-order customers ahead of the official US release. Thus, in no way would it prefer other carriers to take over the lead in G6 sales. And with the competition rising and prices of flagship products dropping, by all means, customers emerge as the winners at the end.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile added a budget Galaxy J3 Prime smartphone to its arsenal last month. Priced at $150, the phone can be purchased on the carrier in installments as well. Additionally, the Magenta carrier has attached another plan which gives instant discount of $75 on the smartphone bringing the price down to as low as $69.

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  1. I think the deal running in AT&T for 360 dollars seems to be a lot more lucrative than this deal.
    “you still stand the chance to avail a free Google Home as well” So I am guessing google home isn’t going to be given for free to all buyers and only a select few get a chance to win them.
    I understand T-Mobile trying to give a competition but hypothetically, If I were a US citizen and if I was looking for a new phone to buy, I would hands down choose the AT&T deal unless I want to stick to my T-Mobile operator for some reason and don’t want to change to AT&T

  2. honestly this is not a good deal, the yesterday’s AT&T deal was pretty better than this one with a lot to offer and the price of the phone was less than half in it, but 500$ for phone and data pack of nearly 480$ for 2 years is not that good at all..

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