T-Mobile starts shipping LG G6 to some customers

In a surprising move, T-Mobile has started shipping LG G6 to customers, with two of them having reported receiving the premium handset from the Magenta carrier. This is two weeks ahead of the smartphone’s official release in the US which is scheduled for April 7th.

With this move, T-Mobile has earned the tag of being the first US carrier to start LG G6 shipping, clearly a move to broaden its customer base. Other US carriers who will be selling the G6 smartphone are Verizon, Sprint and AT&T. In fact these carriers have put up the phone for pre-order with many deals and offers.

T-Mobile entered a little late in the G6 pre-order market as compared to other US carriers. Nevertheless, it still has managed to remain ahead of others by starting the shipping.


At least two of its customers, who had placed the LG G6 pre-order, have reported receiving the handset by posting evidence on Twitter and Reddit. They have also received a free Google Home Speaker which T-Mobile is giving away to customers placing the order for G6 before April 30th.

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LG G6 on T-Mobile is available at an outright price of $650. It can also be bought on monthly payment option. Verizon and AT&T, on the other hand, have placed a price tag of $672 on the LG phone which will be shipped with Google Home and lot of other goodies.

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