LG G6 deals and pre-order offers

The Initial reviews and opinions of the LG G6 are out and besides the odd adoration people seem to have for the ‘robotic face’ on the rear of G6, most of the critics and reviewers agree, the prodigal son has returned and with it comes the age old question, ‘When should I buy the device?’

The question people have is a genuine one. When the LG G5 came out, it cost a whooping INR 54,000 in India and mere 9 months later, the device was available for INR 32,000. While It is understandable that LG G5 didn’t sell so well due to various factors, a stark 41% decrease in its price is not something an early adopter/buyer expects.

The prices of all electronics depreciate over time as faster and better devices grace the market, this is the universal truth but some devices become so popular among the crowd that they do not need a significant price drop to match others.

We do understand that the price drop may or may not be steeper in the western markets, but the point still stands. People want a device that supports them for the average 2 year life cycle and can provide them with a reasonable price when and if they decide to sell it.

To save you from buyer’s remorse, we’re creating this page targeting all the deals and offers you can get on the 2017 LG flagship so that when you buy your device, you’re sure it is the best one.

LG G6 Deals


LG currently has an amazing pre-order offer going on in Korea. Those placing a pre-order for LG G6 will be able to avail an original LG G6 case and LCD screen replacement warranty for one year, which comes at a cost of 250,000 Won, absolutely free.

Furthermore, customers will get an option to buy one of the three complimentary items: Bluetooth headset ‘TonePlus’, a Raleigh keyboard 2, a wireless beetle mouse and a Nescafe coffee machine (everyone needs coffee, right?). All the benefits are worth 450,000 won which translates into $390 approximately while the G6 handset itself sets you back by 899,800 Won or $780.

LG G6 is currently up for pre-order in Korea only. We’ll be sure to update this page with pre-order offers in other countries as well. Be sure to bookmark this page to stay up to date with all LG G6 offers from LG and other Mobile phone retailers.