T-Mobile and international Galaxy Note 2 wireless charging mod in works

Wireless charging has become something of a rage lately, with Nokia adding it as default on their Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 smartphone, followed by Google going down the same road with the Nexus 4, which sports inbuilt wireless charging as well. It turns out though, that thanks to the might of the modding and hacking Android community, it is possible to get wireless charging on other devices as well, devices that don’t even come with the hardware for it.

XDA forum member vinas1 has been working on a wireless charging mod for the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2, building on the work of member Ryan_G who has been working on the mod for the international Note 2. What they’ve done is use the Palm Touchstone wireless charging pad from the Palm series of smartphones (which introduced wireless charging back when Palm was still making smartphones), and also a bit of copper foil and electrical tape to enable the devices to have wireless charging.

However, while the mod works on the international Note 2 pretty well, the T-Mobile variant’s mod has a few problems, including one of the wires used in the mod hanging out of the USB port, but it works partially and should be working fully as vinas1 continues work on the mod.

For those that have no qualms in playing around a bit with the internals on their devices will no doubt rejoice at the possibility of having wireless charging on their device, specially when all the equipment needed to do it costs under £10/$15. Hit the links below to head to the source page for the mods for both the international and T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2.

Oh, and don’t forget to let us know if you intend to try this out, and whether it works for you. Happy wireless charging!

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