StumbleUpon Android App is Finally Here!

StumbleUpon Free App

Stumblers its your day. The guys at StumbleUpon have finally released their official app on android and i*phone. We know how much it means for a daily stumbler – it’s a de facto must-have app for each one on their android device.


  • Well, you know, a website of the ilk of facebook and twitter that allows you to share the web pages you like while also discovering new ones. The app lets you do the same  on the Go.
  • What we like the most about this app is the tray at the bottom with 6 fixed buttons, each with specific function. Yes, they are similar to what you saw, used and loved in the insanely fast Opera Mini 5.1 web browser for android.
  • What buttons do? Well, the they simply let you: view info of a page, check out pages shared by friends with the count, share the current page, thumb down the page, thumb up the page and the sixth one is stumble button, which lets you discover new pages based on your choices of pages, so far.
  • Options let you choose how to stumble. Select whether you want to stumble on current screen, web view or in the info view. As you like to do.
  • Set by default to stumble every page whether you select ‘I like it’ or say ‘not for me’

It’s pretty easy to do everything you do on the Now, the SU is available to you anytime anywhere and have some happy moments even when away from PC. Okay.. you can do all this with phone’s web browser too, but with app, it’s always cooler!

Compatibility: Works only with devices running android 2.1 and higher.

Download the StumbleUpon android app for FREE.

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android market link, official page.

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