Sprint LG G Stylo and LG G3 Vigor Stagefright Fix rolling out

In yet another round of OTA update to fix Stagefright vulnerability, sprint is releasing OTA update for LG G Stylo and LG G3 Vigor.

For the unknown, Stagefright vulnerability can let a hacker gain complete access to your device (even camera and microphone) by simply sending you a MMS message, which you may not even notice. It’s the biggest security issue till date on Android and you should install a patch for it for it as soon as it’s available for your device.

Sprint LG G3 Vigor Stagefright fix is coming with software version LS885ZV6. And the Sprint LG G Stylo Stagefright fix is coming along with UI updates and 3rd party app updates, with software version LS770ZV5.

The OTA updates are already on the roll as we speak. If you haven’t received the update notification yet on your device, you may want to manually check for it from Settings > About phone > Software updates section.

via The Android Soul

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