[Update: Note 8 too] Sprint begins rolling out Android Pie update to Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone

Update: Apparently, Sprint is also rolling out the Pie update to the Galaxy Note 8, becoming the first carrier in the U.S. to update the 2017 phones to Pie. The software version is N950USQU5DSC1 and besides Pie, you also get One UI and March 2019 security patch. As for the S8 and S8+, the update is arriving as version G950USQU5DSC1 and G955USQU5DSC1, respectively.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ started receiving Android Pie in Europe last month and soon after the rollout was spreading to other regions across the continent as well as in Asia and Australia.

Folks in North America have been eagerly waiting for the Pie update to arrive on the S8 duo, but the best we could get was an update from T-Mobile and Canada’s Telus, the latter promising to begin rolling out the OS on the first day of next month. Of course, a beta version is available for the unlocked model.

Now, apparently, the wait for those in the U.S. has come to an end. A Sprint community forum member by the name metrorock1000 says they’ve received the Pie update on the Galaxy S8+ but since the battery was too low, they had to charge the phone first before proceeding with the download.

As of this writing, metrorock1000 hasn’t updated the original post with more details of the Pie update on the S8+. Also, it seems this user is the only one who has received the update since we haven’t seen any other reports about it so far.

At the moment, we can’t say for sure if the rollout has begun, but given the timing, this could as well be the beginning of the official Galaxy S8 Pie update rollout in the U.S.

Have you received Pie on your U.S. variant of the Galaxy S8 or S8+?


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