Sprint 5G being tested in New York

The United States is currently the hub of 5G powerplay. All major telecom companies are vying with each other to get a foothold in the 5G market, and improving availability is the first step towards supremacy.

Sprint currently has Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, and Chicago in its 5G-city list and wishes to push the number noticeably by the end of the year. New York City, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. are reportedly next on the list, but the company hasn’t announced a tentative unveiling date.

Another major 5G-powered carrier, Verizon, has more cities under its belt, but Sprint, who promises “first real mobile 5G in the U.S.” is prepared to play the waiting game. While AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are using millimeter-wave 5G, which gets interrupted by walls/buildings, Sprint 5G exhibits a much broader coverage area.

There have been rumors that the company is close to adding New York to its 5G-city, and as per sources, Sprint is indeed busy testing the connection in the Big Apple (via Reddit). Sprint’s 5G has been spotted around Times Square, Eastside 2nd and 3rd Avenue, delivering speeds around 150-300 MB/s (400MB/s peak).

Getting over 200MB+ before commercial launch is pretty impressive, as Sprint is only expected to improve its tech in the coming weeks.


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