Spotify Will Soon Let You Comment on Podcast Episodes

What to know

  • Spotify now lets you comment on podcast episodes. 
  • All comments are private by default until they’re liked or approved by the creators.
  • The new feature will start rolling out to users and to creators via a revamped Spotify for Podcasts app this week. 

Spotify is introducing a new way for you to interact with your favorite podcasts – Comments. Following this, you’ll be able to add comments to individual podcast episodes and show your appreciation to the creators.

Just like Q&A responses, your comments will by default be private. That means the creators will have to approve each comment before it becomes public. If they like the comment, it’ll be approved automatically.

Image: newsroom.spotify

The creators can also choose if they want to enable comments for individual episodes or the entire show. Or, they can opt out of this feature if they don’t want comments at all. 

To simplify managing all this for creators, Spotify is also revamping its Spotify for Podcasters app, which includes several other new features like tracking real-time growth, stats, and managing the creators’ presence on Spotify. 

Spotify has said that “comments have been a long-requested feature from both podcasters and Spotify listeners” and the same will be rolled out to users and creators starting this week as part of a phased rollout.  

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