Splash! Magikarp website goes live

After Pokemon Go was released, the world went into a frenzy as this was a fan favorite for many, young and old. With that said, The Pokemon Company has brought us a new Pokemon game based on Magikarp. The game goes by the moniker of Hanero! Koiking in Japanese and translates to Splash! Magikarp. Today, the website for this game just went live today, while the game is currently available in Apple’s Italian App Store only.

Pokemon Go was initially released in the App Store and then made its way to the Play Store. The same can also be said for Splash! Magikarp, as it is expected to come to Android on May 23.

Splash! Magikarp features interactive gameplay elements with 8 bit sound and text boxes, much like you used to get on the older Pokemon on Gameboy. Coming to gameplay, you basically need to catch a Magikarp, feed it, train it, power up along the way and then compete against other players to see which one jumps or splashes higher. The Magikarp that has the higher jump or splash is the winner. You can share your victories and scores via social media too.

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The main website also indicates that you can get help from other popular Pokemon like Pikachu, Piplup, Charizard, Greninja, etc. Overall it seems to be a solid, fun game to pass the time with. Considering Pokemon Go’s popularity, this game is set to be an instant hit. The game is available for free on the App Store and will be too on the Play Store, but it also features in-game transactions.

Source: apppokemon

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