Specs of HTC Ocean Note, U Play (Alpine) and X10 leak; Plus Ocean Note image

HTC is rumored to announce three new Android mobile phones in near future, and rumor has it that they will be HTC Alpine (which could be called U Play), HTC Ocean Note and HTC X10. Today, we’re getting some idea of what the specsheet of HTC Alpine and HTC Ocean Note is going to look like, and, a very blurry image of HTC Ocean Note.

Let’s have a look at them all.

HTC Ocean Note specs

htc ocean note specs

It seems the HTC Ocean Note would feature a 6-inch display at cool Quad-HD resolution, octa-core Snapdragon 835 processor, and would feature two variants, the base one featuring 4+64GB combo of RAM and internal storage. Plus, it would feature a dual camera at back, using 24MP and 13MP sensors together for what looks one of the best camera experience, while the front facing camera would boast impressive 16MP sensor.

It would feature a glass back, too, BTW. First HTC glass-back phone? Yes. But does glass back also means wireless charging capability, which are not so cool on a metal device? Well, we’ll see, but we won’t be surprised if HTC throws this in too — as clearly, HTC Ocean Note is clearly worthy of becoming an HTC flagship of 2017. Goodbye HTC 11, then?

It evens says that Ocean Note would feature Glass ID type fingerprint sensor, which we assume is the on-screen under-the-glass 2017-tech fingerprint style Synaptics announced in August, which is also expected to feature on Galaxy S8. But, the Ocean Note — which is also rumored to be powered by massive 4000mAh battery — would feature the glass embedded fingerprint sensor on its back, rather than front, below the display.

HTC Alpine (U Play) Specs

Specs of HTC Alpine has also been given a touch in today’s rumor. It’s been revealed that Alpine would feature 5.2″ FHD display, with octa-core MT6755 processor at heart, and may feature 3+32GB and 4+64GB combo of RAM+internal storage as variants.

The rear camera on HTC Alpine would be a 16MP one, it says, while the selfie shooter seems to be a choice of 16MP sensor, too. Battery capacity of the Alpine would be 2500mAh, while, it would feature new tech of under-the-glass fingerprint scanner too, on its front.

Previous HTC U Play rumors about its specs revealed that it won’t feature the 3.5mm headphone jack.

HTC X10 Specs

Lastly, it seems X10 would be similar spec’ed to HTC Alpine, with bigger display and battery capacity making way in, while glass ID (under-the-glass fingerprint sensor) going out, as it will be replaced with metal ID sensor on its back.

HTC X10 is expected to feature the octa-core MT6755 Helio P10 processor too, while its base variant would feature 3GB of RAM couple with 32GB of internal storage. Rear and front camera would be packing 16MP and 8MP sensors respectively, while it should get you awesome usage time thanks to 4000mAh battery capacity.

So, what was the BIG HTC RUMOR of the day, or week, or even month. We’re just two days away from January 12, when HTC could unveil one of this products.

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