Sony Xperia Z4 leaks, finally!

Amid the gargantuan leaks that flowed in as regards Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9, we really missed something, and it was lack of similar news-making excitement-creating/dropping blurrycam pics for Sony’s next, the Xperia Z4. But no more, finally, a couple of pics of Sony Xperia Z4 — or so it seems — have broken the barrier and reveal the design of its front to us.

In an instant, you’ll notice that the bezels have gone ultra thin for the Xperia Z4, even though the overall design is relatable to Xperia Z3, as was expected. Though, the portion below and above the display appear adding few more millimeters, giving device a more portrait-ish look. It’s rumored that the new HTC One M9 too features similar design as regards front speakers, and can be seen on Nexus 9, too.

Speaker grills are back in the same fashion as were found on Xperia Z2, while the camera has moved to Xperia Z4’s right side on the front, with proximity sensor moving to left, a direct swap of positions.

Some of the Xperia Z4 specs have been rumored, and that include the top-of-the-line 64-bit Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor, 3/4GB RAM, with the display size of 5.2″ or 5.5″.

Strangely, both Quad HD and Full HD resolutions are being touted, which leads us to believe that 5.5″ variant could be the Xperia Z4 with 4GB RAM and Quad HD display, while Xperia Z4 Compact is the 5.2 incher with 3GB RAM and Full HD display. Though, a Compact variant would make more sense with 5″ or below sized display.

The Sony Xperia Z4 is also expected to arrive with a Dual-SIM variant, that may be limited to some countries. While, the device has already been certified in Japan, making us rethink about the possible launch at MWC, which was earlier refuted by reports claiming Sony want to abort its 6 monthly flagship release in favor of yearly, and thus could launch the Xperia Z4 in May-June. Yes, we agree, a March-April release of the Xperia Z4 is more practical, followed by the Z4 Plus like device in Sept-October to tackle the Galaxy Note 5 by Samsung.


Source: Weibo | Via GSMArena

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