Android 3.2 Honeycomb Leaked for Sony Tablet S

Sony Tablet S might be the least happening android device on development scene, if not only in sales terms, sadly, but an Android 3.2.1 update is still worth mentioning. Hot from the leak department are the two OTA (over-the-air) firmwares of Sony’s Tablet S — which launched with Android 3.1 onboard.

Of the two leaked firmwares, one is said to pack Android 3.2 update for Tablet S users, while the other one got one even better thing called Android 3.2.1. Oh, no Android 4.0 — for that, wait good couple of months without holding your breadth, man!

On the contrary, the bad news is that both these firmware files are encrypted, meaning you just can’t flash them in recovery mode. And while your favorite developers are working to hack it, make it flashable via recovery, you really can’t do anything but wait and watch the game, or read the improvements (given just below) the Android 3.2 firmware is gonna get you besides the addition of 0.1 to your current Android OS build.

Update Improvements:

PlayStation® Suite Note: The PlayStation Suite lets you enjoy PlayStation Certified games on your Sony Tablet S.
• Video Unlimited Note: PlayStation Suite and Video Unlimited are available only in the United States and Canada.
Enhanced Performance:
• Improves the screen rotation function
• Notifies the user to re-enter their wireless encryption if it is entered inco
• Improves keyboard performance
• Adds the ability to manually update the Media Player playlist
• Reduces the time needed to reconnect to a wireless access point after resuming from sleep
• Allows the Social Feed Reader application (for Facebook® and Twitter®) to work correctly after resuming from sleep
• Improves audio playback when CPU processing is high
• Removes the PlayStation Store update notification in regions where the PlayStation Store is unavailable
• Improves the GPS positioning function
• Improves DRM key processing and resolves an issue where you may see the error “Cannot play. The file is damaged” when playing a downloaded movie purchased from Video Unlimited

Android 3.2 Firmware Details:

The newer US 3.2.1 firmware
Version number: 111104021
Package type: Binary
Is full flashing package: true
Minimum battery for update:50%

Download Links

If you think you can help remove the encryption, or just wanna try it, here are the download links given by XDA’er skoperst who leaked it to the world (he picked these up form SE’s servers, btw!):

  1. Android OS version: 3.2. Filename: Size:183.05MB.
  2. Android OS version: 3.2.1. Filename: Size:181.61MB.

How to Enter and Use Recovery Mode on Tablet S

And while you’re looking forward to it that enthusiastically, here’s how to enter recovery mode to flash a firmware after you’ve transferred it to your Tablet S:

  1. Download the firmware.
  2. Rename the firmware’s zip file to
  3. Transfer it to your Tablet S
  4. Power Off the tablet.
  5. Hold Volume_UP key and press Power key — don’t release the Volume_UP key until you see Sony’s logo on screen. Within some 10 seconds or so, you’ll enter the recovery mode.
  6. In recovery, use the option to flash the transferred file, which if successful, will update your tablet S to Android 3.2/3.2.1.

We’ll update this post as and when we hear about the flashable unsigned .zip files which anyone can use to update his/her Tablet S to Android 3.2. So don’t forget to check back.

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