Sony Night Light feature introduced in latest Xperia X concept update

Sony had announced their ‘Sony Concept for Android‘ program, a tool for quickly getting the beta version build of Xperia X Nougat update, in November last year. Now, the Xperia X Nougat Concept users have started receiving a new firmware update which brings a couple of new features and goodies.

The update arrives as build number 38.3.A.0.66. and also includes the latest January Google security patches.

Apart from the regular stuff, it also brings in an updated Home launcher, fingerprint test in the service menu and Xperia Transfer Mobile app and bug fixes for the noise cancelling feature.

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But what stands out and makes the general build something to take note of is the new ‘Night Light’ feature. When turned on at night, the screen takes a pink-ish amber color making phone easier to read at night and reducing exposure to blue light. The new feature can be set on from sunset to sunrise, or one can even customize the exact timing.

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