Sony Ericsson Shakira renamed as X8. [Rumor]

Sony Ericsson X8 Front view

Leaked pics again. We saw them for DroidX, Droid2 and Samsung Galaxy S and now Sony Ericsson also got in the loop with its upcoming phone, SE Shakira. It’s is basically a mid sized phone aimed at filling the gap between X10 and X10 mini and rumor has it that it might be introduced as Sony Ericsson X8. So, Shakira name was just a marketing gimmick after all.

Can’t say it runs on Android (screen is quite unknown to us) and no word on pricing, specs and release date is available right now. While the announcement of the first SE walkman android phone is pending, we can’t refrain from betting on this one, too. However, it seems like Flash is absent as the back pics of the phone suggests.

X8 back view

Sony Ericsson X8 Side View

Unless SE comes with come cool specs to enlighten us, we can’t say we are too excited about this. Maybe, it will provide lonely HTC Aria some comeptition if both can match their timing appropriately. Huh…!

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