Soft Screen Tuner Android App Allows You To Tweak Sharpness, Color Temperature, etc. of Your Phone’s Screen

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the best Android smartphones you can get right now. Apart from all the benchmark topping specs, the one key thing that stands out is the brilliant and vibrant Super Amoled Plus display. Now with a display like that, which makes colors pop out of the screen, one would wish there was a way to tweak the colors to your taste. Sure, there is an inbuilt option which allows you to choose between 3 preset modes viz. Dynamic, Standard & Movie. Enter Soft Screen Tuner.

Soft Screen Tuner or SST is a nifty little app developed by XDA member wql, which allows you to adjust the RGB values to your liking, and change the sharpness as well as color temperature for each of the 3 preset modes available on the SGS2. Talk about advanced customization, and this is it. Furthermore, the change you make to your color scheme will remain even after the app is uninstalled. It also includes test images so that you can check the results of changes you have applied.

The app has been tested and found to be working perfectly well on the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Note. But it might work on other devices too. Guess the only way to find out is to download it and try it out for  yourself.

So if you feel that you like the Movie mode on the SGS2, but wish you could make the blacks a little more blacker or the reds a bit warmer, all you need to do is download this app from the official development page and install it to apply your tweak. Try it out, and let us know about your favorite color scheme in comments below.