What Does SFS Mean on Snapchat? And How To Use It?

Acronyms are an essential part of our Social Media life. One way or another, we are either using it or consuming it in some form of context. While Social Media platforms share a common lingo and common acronyms, Snapchat takes it up a notch with its own special set of acronyms and it’s not exactly a breeze to keep up.

So whether you’re trying to keep up with a generation or keep yourself updated, it’s good to know the full form of certain acronyms. The acronym SFS is making its rounds and is rather popular in the Snapchat circuit. If you want to update yourself on this acronym, then here’s everything you need to know about what SFS means and how to use it. 

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What does SFS mean on Snapchat? 

There are three connotations for SFS on Snapchat. All connotations appear with a promotional intent and are exchanged with people for engagement in return for engagement. SFS either implies Snap For Snap, Shoutout For Shoutout or Spam for Spam. When you are tagged with an SFS on any content, the user is looking for an acknowledgment on your account in return for acknowledgment on theirs. 

SFS Meaning on Snapchat:

  • Snap For Snap
  • Shoutout For Shoutout
  • Spam for Spam

How does SFS work on Snapchat? 

SFS is generally used as a hashtag for any kind of Snap Story to increase the reach of the story. Whenever you see #SFS on a Snapchat Story, keep in mind that the user has shared the Story with an intention to get as many people to share it as possible.

An #SFS post is shared with the intention to get as many views and likes as possible. So you can share the stories if you are looking for better reach on your own content. 

Where to find people for SFS?

Well, your friends are the first people you should consider for SFS and stuff. But if you are looking for strangers, then Reddit’s Snapchat subreddit got you covered. Lookie here.

Here is one example of an SFS on the Snapchat subreddit.

21 US, streaks sfs chat from snapchat

Of course, you can find much more of these on the Snapchat subreddit or the SFS search on the Snapchat subreddit here.

How to respond to SFS on Snapchat

If you are tagged on a #SFS Snap, you can choose to ignore the snap or reshare the post of the owner, then they in return will share your post, thus generating reach and engagement for both of you. The whole point of #SFS is to generate as much reach for a post as possible.

So you can carry forward the post by engaging with it and reposting it or reposting the Story from your own Snapchat. 

Things to remember when interacting with a #SFS post/stories

Whether on Snapchat or Instagram, #SFS posts have gained a notorious reputation for their clickbait nature. While such posts do garner a certain amount of reach and engagement, not all the comments are of the positive kind since no one likes lazy content.

However, this does not mean that all #SFS content is bad so whenever you’re sharing, make sure that the Story is actually worth sharing and has good content. Whenever you ask for an #SFS on your own content, make sure that it’s worth sharing as well. This way, you are not abusing the benefits offered by #SFS and using it to optimize the reach of good content

That’s everything there is to know about #SFS, what it means, and how to use it. We hope you found this article helpful! Do take care and stay safe. 

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