Snake Rewind from the Official Developer of the Classic Game Listed on Google Play

snake rewind

Mobile gaming is one of the tasks that people spend most of their time. To cater to the needs of the gaming enthusiasts, there are millions of games that are available for download on smartphones.

One game that occupied people before the smartphone era was the Snake game. It is a popular game that feature phone users were used to playing on their mobiles. Especially, the Nokia handset users were glued to this game in their free time.

Now, an official remake of the Snake game called Snake Rewind has been launched on Android to give a nostalgic feeling to the players. As there were around one billion users playing the snake game helping the snake grab the fruit by directing the constantly growing beast, the developers of this game have made an attempt to create it for the smartphones.

snake rewind

Snake Rewind was developed by Taneli Armanto, the Nokia engineer involved in the original Snake game along with Rumilus Design. While there are several incarnations of the Snake game, this is the first official attempt. Though the Snake Rewind has an updated feel and look, it preserves the originality of the classic Snake game.

Snake Rewind is free to download on your Android smartphone. There are additional bonuses that you can get via in-app purchases.

Download Snake Rewind via Google Play