Smaller Galaxy S10 to be called Galaxy S10E, not S10 Lite

Galaxy S10 Lite leak

As tech critics, fans, fellow competitors, and the tech watchdogs count down the days leading up to the annually held Mobile World Congress, being held in Spain from February 25th to 28th, Samsung keeps details of its Unpacked event (to be held on February 20th, in San Fransisco) tightly under wraps.

Therein Samsung plans to unveil a host of new products, the Galaxy S10 range of phones one of them. GSMArena has cited an anonymous source that had a firsthand look at the three variants of the S10 series.

Among other things, the source revealed that the smallest (5.8”) of the three variants will not be named Galaxy S10 Lite as nothing varies in the phone from its counterparts (including the chipset and memory), save for the smaller size. Our guess is that, in keeping with tradition, it will be named the Galaxy S10E.

The official release date of the three variants is March 8th. All variants feature the One UI operating system and a 3.5mm jack, but it is said the S10E will swap the in-display fingerprint scanner for a side-mounted design like one seen in the image below.

Galaxy S10 Lite leak

We all know nothing about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy phones is confirmed, so take this info with a grain of salt, at least until Sammy spills the beans in three weeks’ time.