Signal Private Messenger update: Version 4.5.3 lets you send any type of file and introduces Jumbomoji

Update [May 02, 2017]: The latest update that bumps the version to 4.5.3 allows you to share any type of file through Signal Messenger. You can share APKs, PDFs, etc. Also, to accommodate the new “File” icon under attachments that lets you share any type of file, “image” and “video” are combined under one banner of “gallery”. Further, the app now supports Jumbomoji. Meaning, when you send an individual emoji in Signal messenger, it is enlarged.

Update [April 18, 2017]: With every new update, Signal Messenger keeps on eliminating the echo issue on more devices and so is the case with this update 4.3.1. If you were facing echo issue on your device, perhaps this might be your lucky update. Also, the latest update lets you set your preference for the font size.
Moreover, there has been a significant improvement in the video playback as well. And as usual, bug fixes and performance improvements are part of the update.

Update [March 25, 2017]: The update to version 4.0.1 now fixes the problem of echos from the speakerphone. In addition to that, Signal has added a nifty little feature, which now lets you play voice notes through the earpiece itself. The developers have also taken user complaints seriously and delivered bug fixes to other problems, leading to smoother experience altogether.

Signal Private Messenger, one of the most admired chat apps for its privacy features, in its latest update of 3.31.4 has enabled improved audio calls and video calls by default.

Google Play Store is full of chat apps, however, to stand out from the crowd, each app must focus on something new, something unique, something that is definitely crowd-pleasing. And, as such Signal Private Messenger is known for its privacy features. It doesn’t store your data on its servers and also doesn’t have access to any of your communications.

Yes, it’s true! Signal Private Messenger uses an advanced end-to-end encryption protocol that encrypts the messages tightly and sends directly to the recipient.

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Not only that, the app is open source, so one can even check its code to verify the security. Moreover, the app is fast and even allows group chats, audio calls, and video calls.

In today’s update, developers have taken a serious note of bugs and have quashed them too, besides improving the performance of the app.

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