Shipments of Pre-orders for Sprint Samsung Galaxy SIII to Start Today.

Galaxy SIII

This is some good news for all users of Sprint ardently waiting for the delivery of their pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy S III!  Sprint has confirmed that they have started shipping the 32 GB version of Galaxy S III starting today.  A Sprint rep has confirmed the same on one of the user-forums. The initial launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III was said to occur on the 21st of June but due to supply shortages and high-demand, only the 16 GB version could make it by the original date.

So, the 32 GB version is available now only and shall start shipping simultaneously to most users who were left waiting for these five days. The much awaited Samsung flagship saw an unprecedent surge in pre-orders for the Korean manufacturer and the American carrier alike. If you have somehow still not heard, the US Galaxy S III variant packs a 4.8″  S-AMOLED+ screen with HD resolution, a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor with Adreno 225 GPU, 2 GB RAM, Android 4.0 with Touchwiz 4.0 UI, a big 2100 mAh battery, etc. and other novelties like the S-voice and Smart Stay eye tracking software features.

Although the shipments have begun, the overwhelming demand for the device can only be met by Samsung by next month. Anyways, cheers for all folks who are with Sprint and shall soon be getting their hands on the smartphone.