‘Ship by Date’ of Droid Incredible Postponed to July 12

droid incredible delayed to july 12

Only recently, Motorola said that Droid is still selling extremely well, but suffers from the shortages of components to match the demand. Now, Verizon has also postponed ‘ship by date’ of Droid Incredible to July 12, adding more to the pains of ‘in line’ Droid Incredible wannabes.

No doubt, Droid Incredible is one device who is taking a lot of heat from the supplies constraints, in fact it became the first one to go outsold, followed by HTC EVO and 7 month old ‘still rocking’ Motorola Droid.

Looks like there is some serious trouble with the supplies, especially the AMOLED screens made by Samsung. We have discussed the impact of this on smartphone market, more particularly that of Android’s and how it is beneficial to Samsung with it’s Galaxy S featuring Super AMOLED’ screen, nearing it’s US launch after getting the release date fixed for UK.

Add to that, expected release date of Droid X which happens to be July and that really makes it hard for Droid Incredible to make a comeback against such highly spec’ed up devices like HTC EVO (already sold out and revised in sales numbers), Droid X, Samsung Galaxy S and (a little decent) Droid 2.

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