How to set auto brightness on a Wear OS watch without ambient sensor

Unlike regular watches, checking the time on Wear OS watches (or any other smartwatch) isn’t as comfortable when you’re out in the Sun. Full brightness on your Watch can help, but that drains the battery and hurts eyes when you’re in dark places.

The answer to this issue is Auto brightness (like on our Smartphones). But not all Wear OS watches come with an ambient light sensor. Matter fact, only a couple of Wear watches available on the market have an Ambient sensor installed, currently.

But fret not! There’s an app for that. Developer Daniel Velazco has published an app called Display Brightness for Wear that can automatically change brightness on your Wear watch, based on your activity and time of the day.

Using the app, you can set different brightness levels based on your activities like Driving, Cycling, Walking, Running, Not moving and On foot in relation to the time of the day. You can set combinations like set brightness to Medium when driving at Nighttime and set brightness to High when driving in Daytime.

[icon name=”cloud-download” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Download Display Brightness for Wear

Download & install the app on your phone (that’s connected to your Wear watch) using the Play Store link above and setup brightness levels as per your preference. If in case, the app isn’t working for you, try restarting your Wear Watch.

Happy Androiding!

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