Semaphore Kernel for Captivate is Out — Gets You Voodoo Sound, Live OC, etc.

Semaphore kernel, one of the most widely used custom kernels for the Galaxy S, has been released for Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs for the Samsung Captivate. Semaphore kernel is one of the better known custom kernels for the Galaxy S in recent times, bringing along a host of features along with performance improvements over stock kernels. The special feature of the kernel is ability to load scripts for various functions, which can otherwise be disabled to save memory if a user doesn’t need them.

Semaphore kernel for the Captivate brings a lot of features to the table, some of which are listed below:

  • Live Overclock
  • Voodoo Sound
  • Backlight Notifications
  • 340 MB available RAM (352 MB in BigMem versions)
  • USB host driver
  • Semaphore Script Manager
  • Auto brightness driver
  • Deep Idle

The kernel is only for Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs, so don’t try them on Gingerbread ROMs as they won’t work. It’s available in two versions: a normal version with 340 MB of available RAM, and a bigmem version that gives you 352 MB of available RAM but breaks 720p video recording (which shouldn’t be a problem if recording 720p videos isn’t something you regularly do).

So, if you’re currently running a custom Ice Cream Sandwich ROM on your Captivate, head over to the official Semaphore kernel page on XDA to download it and give it a try, along with additional information on the kernel. Do let us know how the kernel works on your Captivate, in the comments below.