Save Battery On Your Android Phone and Efficiently Manage WiFi using Wireless Manager app

Smartphones and Tablets sums to the major portion of devices that many people use to connect to the Internet for browsing Web, downloading files etc… The degree of flexibility and portability permitted these devices to be the most convenient way of carrying around for Internet access through WiFi. Moreover WiFi usage causes severe battery drain when the antenna in your device keeps searching for a network or connected to a weak network. Sometime, we often forget to turn off WiFi when not in use which will drain it up further. This problem can  be taken care by the Wireless Manager app.

Wireless Manager smartly turns off your WiFi, when your device is idle for a specified time and looking for a network to connect. So whenever the device is disconnected from a WiFi network, it looks for a specified time and then automatically turns off the hardware in your device. For instance, when you’re leaving your Office after using WiFi and forgot to turn off the WiFi, the app automatically turns it off making it a battery saver.

The app monitors the available WiFi networks and classifies them statistically based on the possibility of establishing a good WiFi connection. The app classifies a good WiFi network as Green cell Tower, and Yellow, Red and Black down the order. So if you connect to a Green cell tower, the chances for getting a good WiFi reception and less battery drain is more. You can also get notifications in the Status bar about the connections and can configure the Idle time of WiFi.

The app provides in-app purchases to upgrade to a Pro version that allows you to view the Connection history and auto disable while airplane mode active etc… Download the app from the Playstore link provided below and save your battery to some extent.

The Good:
  • Smart Classification of WiFi connections
  • Configurable Idle time
  • Auto turn off in Airplane mode
The Bad:
  • Nothing yet

  Download Wireless Manager