Save and Share Android App APKs easily with ML Manager

With beautiful material design in tow, the new ML Manager app makes a compelling installation if you often share apps with friends and family members. The app lists down all apps on main screen by default, so that you just have to scroll and find the app, and then tap on the ‘share app’ button right below it to instantly share it over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi direct. Sharing an app’s APK cannot get easier than this.

The app also lets you save the APK installer file of the apps on your device’s storage. Just tap on the ‘Extract’ button for this.

The functionality is no doubt a required one, as it’s one of the best advantages of using Android: ability to share an app between friends and family members that easily. And it’s always nice to have backup of some must-have apps, helps a lot when doing a factory reset when changing ROMs or at least when changing phone.

The UI is pretty great, obviously. We’re really loving it.

Download ML Manager

And there’s more you can do. Simply tap on App name and you are presented with 3 options to open it, save it, and uninstall it. The package name is also written of the app at top, and the share button lies at right bottom corner. All in a UI that’s pretty cool.

On Android 5.0 and above, you can also decide what color the app paints on the toolbar, and of the floating action button. Nice! Check out settings for more.

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