Samsung to release a software update to counter Galaxy S8 iris scanner hack

Recently, a report claimed that the iris scanner on the Galaxy S8 could be easily hacked. This hack was actually an old school method of using a photo and a contact lens. We won’t go into detail but the bottom-line is that it is possible with high-resolution pictures taken from an infrared camera.

Samsung took note of the incident and is now working towards a fix that will safeguard the Galaxy S8 against the security issue. The company has been on its toes ever since the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco and is now even more alert towards customer safety and protection. Anything that damages its devices could bring down the reputation that Samsung had carefully brought back with the Galaxy S8.

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As mentioned earlier, the hacker will need to obtain the user’s device and should also have a high-resolution photo of the user’s taken with an infrared camera. These things aren’t easier to get, hence, it isn’t as easy as it looks to bypass the security on Galaxy S8. Nevertheless, user security is of paramount importance in the business world and otherwise, so Samsung (and other OEMs too) are bound to take it seriously.

Talking about iris scanners, the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 is expected to continue the on that trend. A recent leak brought us images of the Note 8’s front panel and they seem to follow on the current flagship’s design with a bezel-less 18:9 aspect ratio display.

Source: News1