Samsung Set to Release Galaxy 3 and galaxy 5 in July. Beware Motorola!

Samsung galaxy 3 July Release

Looks like Samsung’s finally playing the smart phone game pretty close to the chest this time with its high end smart phone launching one after another in regular succession this year. While Galaxy S is yet to be launched in all markets, including the US and UK, the Galaxy S Pro has seen it becoming Sprint’s next 4G phone. What’s more? In line this year are Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 folowed by remotely rumored Galaxy 5.

No doubt that’s a huge bunch of high end smartphones, mostly Android phones, Samsung’s up to. Did anybody get a clue or two from this about the shortage of screens manufactured at Samsung’s factories, restricting the sales of HTC phones like Droid Incredible and HTC EVO. Even Motorola said the shortage of components is affecting the sales of Droid, which is 7 months old now. We wonder where all this leads too.

Back to Galaxy 3, no details are available regarding software/hardware but the company has promised to offer a rich multimedia and social networking experience on a full touch screen with Qwerty keyboard to wrap the offer in toto. What’s frustrating for us is whether it sports Android or not, better it does with 2.2, Froyo.

But details should break the silence very soon since the launch of Galaxy 3 is expected in July only along with Galaxy 5 who also is in doldrums (regarding specs). Samsung’s very keen on launching the Galxy3 / Galaxy 5 in European and Asian markets than in all-carrier American market. Around same time, we’ll also see Samsung HALO (aka Galaxy Beam, I8520) hit the Singapore market.

Further we can bet that the Galaxy 3 coupled with Sprint’s second 4G phone, Samsung Galaxy S PRO, will give some hard time to Motorola’s upcoming phones, DroidX and Droid2. DroidX with its impressive body (just 9.9 mm thick) and compelling aesthetics (thanks to leaked commercials) looked set to rule the industry but now both the Samsung phones pose serious threats. No?

Let’s see what iPhone 4 can do with these Android phones battling so hard in between themselves.

Samsung Galaxy 3

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