Samsung plans to sell 9 million units of Galaxy Note 8 initially

We finally have some information about the exact launch date for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and it is not in September, instead, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be launched on August 23. However, the device will go on sale in early September.

Thanks to its early launch, Samsung will now dominate the premium market for 2 months until Apple unleashes its iPhone 8 in ending October/November.

Talking about sales, Samsung plans to ship 9 million units of Galaxy Note 8 after its initial release in September. In the next three months, another set of 3 million units will be produced each month.

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Samsung’s another flagship device, Galaxy S8, which was released in March this year broke all sale records at the beginning and sold 10 million units in three weeks after its launch on April 21.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will feature infinity display, which was introduced in the Galaxy S8. It will also sport dual rear camera making it the first Samsung device to feature dual camera.

Source: The Bell