Samsung Plans Galaxy R for UK. Here is WHY?

Samsung is prepping for yet another high-end device for U.K (at least for now, that is) which has been identified as Galaxy R. That’s one less than S in the alphabet hierarchy and it proves the same when you look at the specs. Samsung Galaxy R is rumored to feature a 4.2 inch Super LCD display and dual-core Tegra 2 processor form NVidia (probably clocked at 1 GHz) and 5 MP Camera capable of 720p recordings. No word on other specs but we’ve got 90% of the features that matters the most and in fact, define the phone, its purpose and its prospective client set.

No doubt, it’s inferior to Galaxy S II, whose features like 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus display, Samsung’s own Exynos processor clocked at 1.2 GHz and 8 MP camera easily make up for the best phone spec-sheet we’ve seen thus far and are easily superior to Galaxy R, but make no mistake, Galaxy R is in no way a cheap/inferior phone by any means — in fact, it’s Galaxy S II’s spectacular spec-sheet that makes it look inferior but if you live in US, you’d know that high-end android phones available near you are very similar to Galaxy R; except that 5 MP camera is pretty out-of-date now. the likes of Droid X2, HTC Sensation, LG Optimus 2x, G2X, Atrix, etc don’t differ significantly Galaxy R as much as they differentiate from the mighty super Galaxy S II.

So, what are Samsung’s plans behind rumored Galaxy R when it already has the android’s best phone, galaxy SII, doing so well all over the world (it just sold 3 million units in meager 55 days)?

First, on the face of it, it looks like Samsung’s creating one more segment which will exist just below the high-end segment to be dominated by Galaxy S II. Since high-end offerings from HTC and Motorola, which sell in the price range of Galaxy S II, offer nothing significantly more that what Galaxy R offers, the launch of Galaxy R will prove to be a full-featured-but-low-price competition to those HTC and Motorola phones while Samsung’s Galaxy S II rules the high-end like it is doing now.

Second, this furthers heightens the importance of Galaxy S II with Galaxy R matching the competition at lower-than-S2 price. This will develop the Galaxy S II brand in the minds of customers, which is rightful too.

Third, it would also put less burden on the precious Super AMOLED displays if Galaxy R takes up the part of the sales (after all, it’s not inferior than the competition) while maintaining the profit ratios well, which should be a problem for a company like Samsung.

Fourth, if the idea in third point above works well, those precious AMOLED gold can be used to offer devices based on other mobile OS  — ah, we’d hate it though — like Windows Phone 7, which will help Samsung strike a better deal with the big M by offering Exynos powered Super AMLOED Plus Windows Phone 7 devices to bargain with Microsoft in the copyright claims of the software giant — which it seems can’t be avoided any longer now — and lesser per device payment to big M on every android device Samsung makes. (From what we’ve heard, Microsoft is asking for $15-20 per android device Samsung makes and Samsung wants that to move down to around $10 by promising Microsoft some its Galaxy S II like devices based on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS.)

Fifth, Samsung would charge more for Galaxy S II, which the S2 deserves too, but we hope that won’t be the case.

Sixth, a far distant guess than the fine points above, Samsung would like to use its superior Exynos processor and Super AMOLED displays for next nexus phone in case it’s indeed making one, thus freeing the resources for that. The next nexus needs to be a ruthless device since the iPhone-Android war is at its prime right now and Apple’s already planning an assault on Android OS, as the rumors of cheaper and a very-high-end upcoming iPhones suggest. We’d love a supreme nexus device and wish it is the case. We want the next Nexus to be a mad killer of all mobile OS, don’t you?

All in all, we’ll say Galaxy R move is clever and maybe a much needed move that will allow Samsung to use its precious AMOLED and Exynos component parts more wisely while leading the pack in the future too. Samsung’s already got its android device in every price range — right from Samsung Galaxy 3 to Samsung Galaxy S 2, with phones like Galaxy Ace, Gio, Fit, upcoming Galaxy Admire, Galaxy S (last year’s blockbuster hit), etc. filling the need for everyone looking for a decent phone with respectable processor and beautiful screen.

What do you say, has Samsung already become a major force in Android, or the mobile phone world at large considering it sold over 280 million phones worldwide (of which only 20 millions are smartphones)? Let us know your thoughts in comments below.

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