Samsung Oreo update roadmap reveals Galaxy Note 8 Android 8.0 release within two weeks

At a time when Google Pixel 2 users are already looking forward to the release of Android P public beta, those using last year’s top handset from Samsung – the Galaxy Note 8 – are still struggling with finding out the exact Android Oreo release date.

As of this writing, Oreo is now rolling out to Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners, but as usual with software updates, not every market has already received the go-ahead. If you are in Canada, however, you will from March 19th be able to download and install Oreo on your S8 or S8+ handset.

Samsung Oreo roadmap

A little over a week later, beginning March 28, Galaxy Note 8 users in the same market will join the party. Given that Canadians weren’t the first to get Oreo on the S8, it’s also likely that they won’t be the first to Galaxy Note 8 Oreo update. If anything, Note 8 users in other markets may get the Oreo treat before March 28, which should be a welcome idea.

After the rollout commences, it’ll take several weeks before Oreo hits all Note 8 handsets across the globe. In short, we may be looking at a late April or early May release date for some regions, which is just terrible for a device that costs close to $1000. Hopefully, this won’t be the case!

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