Samsung might be working on Galaxy Tab Active 2

Galaxy Tab Active 2 2017

Earlier today, we reported that Samsung is working on the Galaxy Tab A’s successor. It turns out, Samsung is actually working on not one but two tablets — the other one being Galaxy Tab Active 2.

For the unaware, Samsung launched the original Galaxy Tab Active back in 2014. And now, nearly three years later, the company seems to be working on its successor. Akin to its predecessor, the Galaxy Tab Active 2 is expected to feature a rugged shock proof body alongside dust and water resistance.

The report further suggests that the company is currently working on two variants of the Galaxy Tab Active 2: SM-T390 and SM-T393. While the former is said to come with only Wi-Fi capabilities, the latter is expected to come with Wi-Fi+LTE support which was also the case with the original Tab Active.

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According to the report, both these variants will be launched in European and Latin American markets initially. However, chances are, they will be made available in other markets as well.

Currently, there’s no word on the internals of the device. But, we will keep you posted as soon as we get our hands on to something credible. Until then, keep a tab on this space.

Source: SamMobile

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