Samsung Intercept Defies Launch Date and Announcements at Best Buy

Sprint Samsung Intercept leaked at Best buy

We told you that moment is over for Sprint’s Samsung Moment (code name SH900) as the carrier has found an optimal replacement in its successor SH910, the Samsung Intercept. Nothing so special this time, but looks like somebody was able to intercept the device from Best buy and got the delivery secured at $100, breaking past the release date (that’s within week, actually) and announcements. Phew!

That apart, it looks like Samsung does not like the idea of updating an old device with the latest Android version. Rather, the company sees it as good opportunity to launch a new device with same spec-sheet (almost 90%, we guess) except the latest Android version. Well, that’s what we find when we compared the Intercept with its predecessor, Moment. We also burdened ourselves by putting Galaxy Spica next to its successor phones, Samsung Galaxy 3 / Apollo, and results were same when the final whistle blew.

The reason is simple. Older devices generally see a price cut as time passes by and that obviously results in lower revenue. While new devices with latest Android version are launched at higher prices which is always favorable to the Company. Now you can easily figure why didn’t we see upgrades to Android 2.1/2.2 for these mid-segment devices, instead we witness them in new avatar with newer Android version. Right?

If Samsung keeps up with the killing it’s been making in the last couple of months or so — Going by the launches Galaxy S sets are getting in US with 4 carriers and those releases in Asian and European countries, not to mention the mega bucks spent on Advertising  — it might become another HTC with great number of followings in Android phone market. Who knows?

BTW, Samsung’s been targeting to surpass HTC to improve its position of No.5 in smart phones against No. 2 rank in overall mobiles sales.

Via Android Central

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