Samsung Gotta get Metal with the GALAXY S6

Samsung gotta get metal

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]tarting with Galaxy S3 and the followed years, we’ve been assured by Samsung that it’ll continue to suck at design. The Alpha series is something better that Samsung came up with in 2014 but it easily reminds us of the iPhone design of 2010, only optimized to be Samsung-ish. So what does it tell us about Samsung’s design plans for the Galaxy S6.

Like every year, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be unveiled at the Samsung Unpacked event that will happen in March. So we’re around 3 months from the official release of Galaxy S6 and so far there haven’t been any legit leaked pictures of the device to begin our speculation with, so we’ll be shooting out our thoughts with some of the Samsung’s recent efforts.

We know for sure that Samsung will not move away from its hardware button layout, the recent housing of a fingerprint scanner on the Home button on Galaxy S5 confirms that hardware buttons are to stay on the Galaxy S6 as well. The fingerprint scanner is a critical feature for Samsung as the rival iPhone has it. Also, we expect the Volume and Power buttons to stay on the same layout.

So all the hardware buttons are going to be the same place on Galaxy S6 as they are now, but the rest of the design will see an upgrade. How that upgrade will turn out is questionable. Our first guess was the Galaxy Alpha’s design, but Samsung hasn’t received a positive response from that design either. Also, the alpha seems to be a whole another series, so Samsung might just release a very premium Alpha series device as well alongside Galaxy S and Note series. Given the massive product line-up of Samsung, we wouldn’t doubt this much.

Galaxy s6 metal

[pullquote-left]Samsung gotta hear the users, it gots to get metal with the Galaxy S6.[/pullquote-left]

That said, the ailing design of Galaxy S series needs some serious makeover. And by the looks of things, the best Samsung could do is mix-in some elements of the Alpha series. The Galaxy S6 could use the matte metal housing around the phone, a premium metal back cover and bring some metal on front as well like the HTC One. Also, if it doesn’t bother Samsung to copy the new iPhone’s design, then adding curves to the sides of Galaxy S6 would also be a good addition.

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