Samsung gives first look at its foldable smartphone

Part of being in the mobile phone business is spotting the Next Big Thing years before anybody else does, and silently working your way towards making it a reality. The world remembers how the advent of the Touchscreen, Android, and iPhone pushed Nokia out of the picture and out of business. That is the power wielded by groundbreaking innovations. And it has been a few years since then.

Today, a lot of critics, watchdogs, and companies are looking to Samsung and its work on foldable touchscreens as the Next Big Thing.

The teaser released by Samsung for its Unpacked event (to be held in San Fransisco later this month) that was shown only in Vietnam and later deleted, gave viewers the first glimpse at its foldable smartphone. It was spliced between many other futuristic concepts that were put on display in the teaser, which will also debut in the Unpacked event.

In the teaser, a young woman holds a phone that has two screens – one on the face of the phone, unfoldable, and another that opens like a book on the backside. Although not perceptible from the teaser, the front display will only cover about two-thirds of the smartphone’s face.

At their Developer Conference, Samsung released a few details regarding the foldable smartphone: the front display will have a resolution of 840×1960, a screen density of 420dpi, while the foldable display will have a resolution of 1536×2152 and a screen density of 420dpi.

Interested parties can catch the Unpacked event live on Samsung’s official website on February 20th, 11 AM PST.


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