Samsung Galaxy Watch gets FCC certification, at least two variants coming stateside

We’ve heard several reports that Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy Watch in at least two sizes and so far, we’ve seen up to four model numbers receive certification in Europe. However, up to now, only two of these numbers have appeared on the FCC, suggesting that the U.S. will get at least two variants of the Galaxy Watch.


The two variants in question carry model numbers SM-R805U and SM-R815U and from the documents, they are both LTE devices. Since we the non-LTE variant should come stateside, we also expect to see some form of certification for the model number SM-R800, which is what we believe is the entry-level non-LTE variant. The other variant that has also received certification in Europe has model number SM-R810.

It has been claimed that the model SM-R805 is the bigger of the two that have cleared the FCC and it’s likely to be the sportier variant. With the launch date rumored to be August 9, alongside the Galaxy Note 9, it shouldn’t be long before the clouds covering the Galaxy Watch clear.

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