Samsung Galaxy S7 Nougat Grace UX Theme: How can you get it

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Nougat beta update is rolling out to users to who signed up for the Galaxy Beta Program earlier this week. But if you failed to register yourself into the beta program, the Nougat beta firmware build PK4 is also available to be flashed manually via Odin for the S7 and S7 Edge.

The best thing about Samsung’s Nougat update is the refreshed system-wide user interface. Samsung is calling it the Grace UX, which we first saw on the Note 7. But the new Galaxy S7 Nougat theme is a lot different than that of Note 7’s and we’re totally liking it.

Check out screenshots of Galaxy S7 Nougat Grace UX Theme below (by baskr):

How you can get Galaxy S7 Nougat Theme

The good news is, all other Samsung devices which will get the Android 7.0 Nougat update officially from Samsung will also get the new Grace UX with the update. This includes Galaxy S6, S6 Edge/Plus, Note 5, Note 7 and a few other devices which launched only recently.

Unofficially, the Galaxy S7 Nougat theme will probably make it to CM themes, Samsung Galaxy themes, Substratum and other popular theme engines. Although third-party themes won’t give you a full experience of the new Grace UX by Samsung but it sure will give you taste of it.

We’ll be keeping an eye over at various theme stores and xda for any ports or themes based on the Galaxy S7 Nougat theme or the new Grace UX, and will be sure to update this post if we find anything useful.

Stay tuned..

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