Galaxy S7 Active update: No Android 9 Pie, but up to July 2019 security patches released (update CSG2)

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is a 2016 flagship from Samsung and exclusive to American carrier AT&T. The device was launched with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and received Android 7.0 Nougat back in March 2017 and later made the switch to Android 8.0 Oreo beginning June 2018. Still, many would like to know if and when the S7 Active would be upgraded to Android 9 Pie.

On this page, you’ll find all important news about the Galaxy S7 Active software update, as well download mirrors (links) of the firmware so that you can download the firmware all by yourself and install it right away. Of course, we will also share important bits about Android 9 Pie update release prospects here too.

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Galaxy S7 Active update timeline

  • Android 8.0: Released on 19 June 2018
  • Not eligible for official Android 9 update
Date Update Download Link Android OS Changelog
19 Aug 2019 G891AUCS6CSG2 Android 8.0 Up to July 2019 security patches
27 Feb 2019 G891AUCS5CSB1 Android 8.0 February 2019 security patch
29 Jan 2019 G891AUCS4CSA3 Android 8.0 January 2019 security patch
30 Nov 2018 G891AUCS4CRK1 Android 8.0 November 2018 security patch
30 Oct 2018 G891AUCS4CRJ1 Android 8.0 October 2018 security patch
29 Aug 2018 G891AUCU4CRH1 Android 8.0 Bug fixes and improvements
14 Aug 2018 G891AUCS4CRG3 Android 8.0 July 2018 security patch
19 June 2018 G891AUCU3CRE7 Android 8.0 Installs Android 8.0 Oreo, FirstNet IOC2, and Mobile Hotspot APN support
09 May 2018 G891AUCS3BRD1 Android 7.0 April 2018 security patch
20 Mar 2018 G891AUCU2BRB5 Android 7.0 Addition of Messaging as a Platform (MaaP)
05 Feb 2018 G891AUCS2BRA7 Android 7.0 January 2018 security patch, and including Meltdown & Spectre mitigation patches
04 Jan 2018 G891AUCS2BQL6 Android 7.0 December 2017 security patch
07 Dec 2017 G891AUCS2BQK4 Android 7.0 November 2017 security patch, and KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability fix
09 Nov 2017 G891AUCS2BQJ4 Android 7.0 BlueBorne fix, and September and October 2017 security patch.
23 Aug 2017 G891AUCS2BQH1 Android 7.0 August 2017 security patch
19 July 2017 G891AUCS2BQG1 Android 7.0 July security patch
27 June 2017 G891AUCU2BQF2 Android 7.0 June security patch
23 May 2017 G891AUCS2BQE1 Android 7.0 May security patch
28 Apr 2017 G891AUCS2BQD4 Android 7.0 Installs April security patch
27 Mar 2017 G891AUCS2BQC2 Android 7.0 Installs March security patch
07 Mar 2017 G891AUCU2BQB2 Android 7.0 Installs Nougat, adds Samsung Cloud, Samsung Pass and App Select enabled in Setup and Transfer, removes AT&T Address Book
08 Feb 2017 G891AUCS2AQA1 Android 6.0.1 Installs January security patch
04 Jan 2017 G891AUCS2APL1 Android 6.0.1 Installs December security patch
23 Nov 2016 G891AUCU2APK2 Android 6.0.1 Adds Full Screen – Mobile Video Service, removes Milk Music, Improves volume for Enhanced Push To Talk (ePTT), fixes calls failing to go to voicemail when calling non-LTE devices, installs Android device security updates
23 Sep 2016 G891AUCS2API2 Android 6.0.1 Installs Android device security updates
25 Aug 2016 G891AUCS1APH1 Android 6.0.1 Installs Android device security updates
09 Aug 2016 G891AUCU1APG7 Android 6.0.1 Adds Wi-Fi Calling, AT&T Advance Messaging, AT&T Messages Backup & Sync feature (AMBS) and adds Other device enhancements

Galaxy S7 Active Android Pie update

Model Launch OS — Current OS Android Pie and Android Q update
AT&T Android 6.0 — Android 8.0 Not eligible

Typically, Samsung rolls out two major OS upgrades to its flagship Galaxy S and Note devices. The Galaxy S7 Active has already received two major OS upgrades, the second one being the recent Android 8.0 Oreo. This means that there’s no official Pie update for the S7 Active, but of course, there will always be room to get wild with the plenty of unofficial Android Pie ROMs out there, among them LineageOS 16.

On the downside, whether there will be room for the S7 Active on the list of supported devices for the various Pie custom ROMs is still in doubt. The device hasn’t had the best of developer support and we don’t expect things to change all of a sudden.

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Samsung One UI

Given that Samsung won’t be rolling out official Pie updates to the Galaxy S7 Active, there similarly won’t be an official update to One UI, the successor to Samsung Experience that was launched recently. Unlike the S7 and S7 Edge, we don’t expect much from the developer community in regards to unofficial One UI updates, but if anything happens, well for sure alert you, so stay tuned.

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Let us know if you need any help with S7 Active updates.

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  1. I don’t like the way they have the favorites on the contact and texted. I likke the old way better.

  2. I agree the update sucks I hate it and I’m thinking about going back to iPhone because I hate it so much

  3. I have the S7 Active and am stuck on update 07 Mar 2017
    Android 7.0

    How do I get it to update further?

    Thank you,


  4. I was on QB2 too, but I just downloaded the latest update Oreo CRH1 and installed it via Odin and now I enjoying Android Oreo in my S7 Active. It’s easy if you know what are you doing.

  5. I would love to hear from anyone that accepted the Oreo update in regards to battery life: does it empty quickly or extend it even further?

    Patiently awaiting responses.

  6. With the most recent update on my S7 Active (G891AUCU2BRB5 / Android 7.0) which I installed only a few days ago, I have issues with notifications… Multiple notifications, sometimes none and totally lost the ability to interact with the notification on several apps. Quite frustrating! Also lost the ability to have custom wallpapers on the text / messaging app (this one issue I could live with, but the others are QUITE annoying).

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