Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge won’t be waterproof, because S6 Active will be!

The same source that brought the news of Galaxy S6 Edge featuring 4GB RAM, is back again. We’re hearing that unlike the Galaxy S5, Samsung isn’t keen on making Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge waterproof. We’re expecting the company to make both of these devices official at MWC, where we could also see Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, and this one will definitely have waterproof feature. Yep, water-resistant, actually.

Samsung is looking to lower the production costs of Galaxy S6, and that’s reason that is being cited for the feature-cut. Looks like, the use of glass back with aluminium chassis for Galaxy S6 and Edge is making Samsung rethink its cost-sheet.

So it will be Galaxy S4-like lineup for the Galaxy S6, as only with Galaxy S5, Samsung chose to make its most premium gadget waterproof too. Galaxy S4 also had an Active variant — but of course, the S6 edge is a totally new game altogether, a follow up to Note Edge, albeit belonging to the Galaxy S series. And there are so many Galaxy S6 Edge sets coming up!

We already know a fair bit about Galaxy S6 specs, that it will feature a 5.5″ Quad HD display, 3GB RAM, octa-core Exynos/Snapdragon 810 processor and 16MP rear camera. The Galaxy S6 Edge specs are similar to S6, except that it will come adorned with 4GB RAM, extra 1GB over its edge-less brother, because Samsung want at least one device with maxed-out specs. Another difference, which is pretty obvious, is that the Galaxy S6 sports curved display on its both sides, which will be more feature-rich than that on Note Edge.

Internals apart, the Galaxy S6 could feature a larger power button, to make room for extra space required for touch-based fingerprint sensor (that you find on iPhone 6 and Ascend Mate 7), as Samsung figures its time say Cheerio to swipe-based sensor we find on Galaxy S5 and Note 4.

There’s also a talk of Galaxy S6 to feature trimmed-down TouchWiz, as less useful features will be gotten rid of. Another addition to software will be Themes, reportedly.

Apart from the three Galaxy S6 sets, we could see the company launch a pricey but luxurious smartwatch, called Orbis for now, and said to feature a bezel that you rotate to interact with certain UI elements, a power button the shape of crown and lastly, wireless charging.

Source: webtrek

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